Follow these tips to make sure you have a great day at the World Beer Festival.

Going to your first beer festival can seem overwhelming—hundreds of beers, music, games, educational seminars and only four hours to do it all in? How are you supposed to fit it in? Follow these tips to ensure you make the most out of your day!

1. Make a plan. Download the official Beer Fests app (available in Apple newsstand and Google Play store) or pick up a copy of the World Beer Festival Beer Guide and plan your adventure for festival day. There are hundreds of beers available at the event, provided by nearly 100 breweries. Study the festival layout in advance and decide who you are going to hit first. Take it a step further by figuring out which beers you are going to sample when you get there!

2. Don’t hit up your favorites first. The World Beer Festival is the best place to sample beers you have not tasted before. Take this opportunity to learn about breweries and beers that are new to you, without having to purchase an entire pint. Who knows? You may even discover your new favorite beer! If you have time, hit up the old faithfuls later.  

The Art of Beer Experience offers educational seminars on beer and its ingredients.

3. Learn something new. The World Beer Festival provides a variety of educational components, to teach attendees to appreciate more about the beer in their glass. Beer experts from around the world have flown in to provide educational seminars, so take the opportunity to learn from the best. Take time to explore educational areas where beer lovers can experience the work, passion and creative process of skilled artisans and their craft.

A food truck rodeo at the World Beer Festival

4. Take a meal break. Hydrate with water. Food helps minimize alcohol’s tendency to drain nutrients from your system. Water is also key. Free drinking water will be provided, take advantage of it.

Playing giant Jenga at the World Beer Festival

5. Take your time. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rush from brewery to brewery, festival organizers have taken steps to ensure beer is flowing throughout both sessions. Listen to the band, challenge your buddy to a game of giant Jenga, or take a few moments to chat with the brewers and volunteers.

Pay attention to the weather forecast and remember that the World Beer Festival happens rain or shine.

6. Dress for success! Mother nature can be unpredictable. If the forecast calls for sunshine, wear sunscreen or bring a hat. If the weather folks call for showers, bring a jacket. The World Beer Festival happens rain or shine!

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