The “Shmaltz Brewing Company” brand has found a new home under the leadership of NYC-based Rabbinical Student Jesse Epstein, who plans to relaunch Shmaltz as it evolves its mission towards building Jewish community, learning, and social justice.

New York, NY – Wednesday, December 8, 2022 – Just over a year after its 2021 Farewell Tour, and now into its 26th Anniversary, Shmaltz Brewing Company announces its recent sale and upcoming relaunch with a series of pop-up events in the New York City and Boston locations throughout 2023, culminating in an 8-night Hanukkah Party Tour in time for Hanukkah 2023. Join Shmaltz for a Hanukkah 2022 pre-launch party with Brooklyn Jews in order to celebrate its evolving mission, geared towards Jewish community building, learning, and social justice.

In addition to producing award winning beer, over its 25 years Shmaltz Brewing Company has produced a wealth of Jewish shtick, garnering its consumers around a nostalgic (or shmaltzy) Jewish theme, highlighting elements of text, culture, tradition, and ritual.

Under its new leadership, Shmaltz will expand upon this foundation – leaning into its existing shtick, while
expanding ever further and ever deeper, aiming to use its diverse collection of punny textual, cultural, and holiday messages to allow its patrons to dig deeper, exploring the meaning of life, their role in this world as Jews and their allies, and determining what 3,000 years has to offer them today — all in the comfortable and familiar settings we find ourselves in when coming together over a pint of beer.

Don’t think “synagogue.” Shmaltz aims to get Jews beyond the pews, ready to Shmooze over BrewsTM. Wherever folks are in their daily observance – whether praying three times a day, or perhaps identifying as a “cultural Jew,” or not even Jewish, but curious to learn more – there’s a seat available in the Shmaltz community – complete with a
fresh beer.

Jesse Epstein, 3rd year rabbinical student at Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion and craft beer aficionado spent the first half of the pandemic homebrewing beer in his parents’ basement, with dreams of someday opening up a “Jewish Brewpub,” a place for community members, their allies, and anyone else connected with the Jewish community to connect over beer, learn about culture and text, and engage in the sacred work of Tikkun Olam – repairing the world (social justice).

A longtime follower of Shmaltz Brewing Company, Epstein immediately reached out to founder Jeremy Cowan when Cowan announced Shmaltz’s Farewell Tour in the fall of 2021. Cowan was inspired by Epstein’s vision and the two immediately got to work planning out the details of what it would take to “pass the baton.”

With Cowan’s guidance, Epstein has developed an exciting relaunch plan for Shmaltz, complete with numerous pilot initiatives aimed at achieving the brand’s new mission of community building and meaningful, approachable
Jewish engagement. Folks should be on the lookout for exciting announcements regarding launch-events, unique opportunities to get involved, and ways to enjoy new, delicious craft recipes throughout 2023 and beyond!

To stay up to date on Shmaltz’s upcoming announcements, events, and initiatives, follow @shmaltzbrewing on instagram, facebook, and linkedin, and reach out to to join our mailing list.