Last month in New Hampshire, Trevor Rose-Hamblin, the co-founder and head brewer of  Old Irving Brewing in Chicago stood before a packed ballroom in Manchester New Hampshire. 

He was there to deliver the keynote at the state’s annual craft brewers conference and he was there to talk about his own life experiences and to urge everyone in the room to think about mental health and ways to help people from causing self harm. 

It was an impactful speech, and one that he references in this conversation several times as he talks about how Old Irving Came to be, a life in kitchens, and how critically important it is to be listening, watching, and always working to keep people safe and working towards a better headspace. 

This was recorded the day before his talk and before that part of the conversation we briefly talk about Chicago and it’s love of barrel-aged beers. 

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If you are having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, text or call the National Suicide Prevention lifeline by dialing 988 from your phone. There are also resources available at to access important resources.