All About Beer Magazine - Volume 34, Issue 1
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Drake’s Brewing Co.

San Leandro, CA

A big nose of pine needles and citrus, bursts of grapefruit across the palate and a dry, clean, bitter finish, all at a modest ABV. Brewed with mostly American 2-row barley malt and some crystal malt (C-60) for body and color; hops Cascade, Simcoe and Amarillo in the boil; and Simcoe and Amarillo in the dry hop.

ABV: 5.5

ABW: 4.34





Spun (turbid) pale golden ale with an off-white head of minuscule bubbles. Gorgeous nose shouts floral, citrus, evergreen-like hops; a perfect perfume. Hops are balanced with a fine, bread-like maltiness. Delicious by itself or especially with Chinese, Thai, Indian and other flavorful foods. Exceptionally well-crafted beer.
- Charles Finkel
(I’m beginning to miss the cool names.) Amber ale with subtle haze, easily viewable as head dissipates. Big, bold, minty, herbal, floral, grassy hop aromas suggest the flavors to follow; body is relatively dry, big hop flavors with a cool flick of a bitter hop punch. Wham, zap, bam. But I’m not reeling. This is a beer worth staying in the ring with for all 10 rounds. You won’t find yourself on the ropes with this balanced hop-emphasized beer that represent a pact between malt and hops. Wise. Very wisely made.
- Charlie Papazian

Charles Finkel
Founder of Merchant du Vin and the Pike Brewing Co., Finkel is a pioneer in the marketing of craft beers in America.

Charlie Papazian
Author of the New Complete Joy of Homebrewing, founder of the Great American Beer Festival and a Beer Examiner at Papazian is a leading voice in beer and brewing.