All About Beer Magazine - Volume 38, Issue 4
September 25, 2017 By Daniel Hartis

33 Brews
By Dave Selden
$7, 33 Books Co.

Portland-based 33 Books Co., makers of pocket-sized tasting journals for a wide variety of foods and beverages (including beer), has added a brewing log to its portfolio. At 5-by-7 inches, 33 Brews is larger than its predecessors, but the increased page size affords space for the many aspects of a brew a homebrewer might wish to record, from a beer’s original gravity to final fermentation notes and everything in between. You could accomplish the same with homebrewing software or in a spreadsheet, but this log—printed with soy ink on 100 percent recycled chipboard—offers homebrewers yet another hands-on solution. –Daniel Hartis