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April 12, 2018 By Daniel Hartis

Best Beers: The Indispensable Guide to the World’s Best Craft & Traditional Beers
By Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb
$14.99, Mitchell Beazley

 While Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb are two accomplished beer writers, there are—believe it or not—beers they have yet to consume, breweries they have yet to visit (in the introduction, they estimate that the global brewery count exceeds 20,000). So it is that in their new guidebook, they have assembled an international team of some of the “best minds in beer.” These experts provide recommendations for beers and breweries in their respective areas, often highlighting lesser-known examples, breweries to watch or those that you can’t miss. It’s not the kind of book you’re going to read through in one sitting, but as a travel book it’s sure to put you on the right path to good beer.—Daniel Hartis