All About Beer Magazine - Volume 36, Issue 6
January 1, 2016 By John Holl

A dessert worthy of the word indulgence, cheesecake has an earned reputation of being hard to make but worth the effort. Creamy and dense, sweet and tangy, with a ring of graham cracker crust, and a thick sweet ooze of cherry compote topping. The only thing better is pairing it with a beer or four. 

Hover over the targets to see recommended beer pairings for cheesecake. 

(Text and pairings by John Holl, photography by Peter Johnstone.)

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This feature appears in the January 2016 issue of All About Beer Magazine.

John Holl
John is the editor of All About Beer Magazine and the author of three books, including The American Craft Beer Cookbook. Find him on Twitter @John_Holl.