All About Beer Magazine - Volume 37, Issue 2
April 16, 2016 By John Holl

Off-Centered Leadership: The Dogfish Head Guide to Motivation, Collaboration and Smart GrowthOff-centered Leadership: The Dogfish Head Guide to Motivation, Collaboration and Smart Growth
By Sam Calagione
$25, Wiley

After 20 years in business, Sam Calagione, the founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, has learned a thing or two. The book is largely a collection of interviews, seemingly transcribed from a tape recorder set on a table between Calagione and his subjects. These include members of his staff, his wife, some beer industry types like Charlie Papazian and leaders from businesses beyond brewing, including Nick Brayton, president and CEO of clothing maker Woolrich. Aspiring entrepreneurs and small-business owners will appreciate the candid conversations that brim with insight, optimism and opinion. Deep fans of the brewery will get a peek behind the curtain.


John Holl
John is the editor of All About Beer Magazine and the author of three books, including The American Craft Beer Cookbook. Find him on Twitter @John_Holl.