All About Beer Magazine - Volume 33, Issue 1
March 1, 2012 By

Driven by the never-ending nostalgia craze, several old-time brands have risen from the grave, including:

Duquesne (1899-1972) Once king of western Pennsylvania, the Duke returned a couple years ago, calling itself “the Prince of Pilsner.”

Falls City (1905-1978) Formed as an attempt to break Louisville’s beer monopoly, the brand was once the official beer of the Indianapolis 500. It’s back on its feet with a pale ale.

Highlander (1910-1964) A Missouri beer named after the American League team that would become the New York Yankees, it’s returned as a Scottish red ale.

Lithia (1848-1972). “The beer that made Milwaukee jealous” has returned to West Bend, Ind.

Narragansett (1890-1981) It once greeted Cape Cod vacationers, Boston Red Sox fans and everyone else in New England with its famous slogan, “Hi neighbor, have a ‘Gansett!” It’s back in six different styles, including bock and porter.

Primo (1897-1979) One of Hawaii’s first beers is still brewed by Pabst. But there’s a local draft version made by tiny Keoki Brewing of Kauai.

Rheingold (1873-1976) Once the largest-selling beer in New York, it was known for its annual Miss Rheingold beauty pageant. It’s been re-launched at least twice in recent years.

Walter’s (1874-1989) Brewing up to 80,000 barrels a year before its collapse, “The Beer that is Beer” has returned.