We’re tasting all the time when it comes to beer and our drinking experiences. But there is always a chance to become better, to go deeper and layer in more thought. Mandy Naglich, is the author of the new book “How To Taste” and she is here to guide us.

There are several books that exist that help us understand our brains and senses when it comes to tasting. Now, there is a new one to add to your shelf. 

How to taste: a guide to discovering flavor and savoring life by Mandy Naglich was released a few weeks ago and is a fun, conversational, and thought provoking book that is worthy of your time and attention. 

Mandy Naglich is an Advanced Cicerone, Certified Taster, and journalist. As a Certified Cider Professional and after completing all levels of WSET Spirits Mandy began to teach both consumers and professionals about flavor and service across the beverage alcohol category. Her wildly popular tasting classes sell out around the city and virtually. Mandy uses her experience tasting and studying beverages to report for outlets like Vice, Taste of Home, VinePair, and Wine Enthusiast. Her fans also follow her adventures around the world on her popular blog @drinkswithmandy. 

This new book goes beyond just beer and that is to our benefit. 

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