All About Beer Magazine - Volume 34, Issue 2
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Hilliard’s Beer

Seattle, WA

Refreshing and complex. The high fermentation temperature used with the Belgian yeast strain allows it to add its unique characteristics to the flavor without the addition of spices.

ABV: 6.3

ABW: 4.9

COLOR: 7.3




This is a canned beer devoid of any information about strength or ingredients. It’s a pale hazy gold in color with a dense collar of foam followed by a superb aroma of rich honey and fudge from the grains, backed by gently fruity and spicy hops. The honey note dominates the mouth, but citrus notes start to develop with a good underpinning of hops. The finish starts with some sweet malt notes, but hops and tart fruit kick in to ensure a dry and satisfying end.
- Roger Protz
We’re always skeptical about Belgian-style beers being brewed outside Belgium, especially a canned saison. But what the hell, this is what American craft beer is about. The brewer says: “We’re getting back to the spirit of a Saison as a beer you can drink every day, not just special occasions.” Surprisingly there’s enough crispness to make this goal happen in a can. Looks like a Saison, too: hazy, bubbly and donning a more than decent lacing. Spice and a faint sour twang in the nose and palate. Fresh hay graininess with a modest hopping in tow. Dried pears and some alcoholic warmth round out the finish. Any doubt was quickly lost after a few sips.
- Jason and Todd Alström

Roger Protz
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Jason and Todd Alström
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