of Duvel Moortgat USA

All About Beer Magazine - Volume 37, Issue 1
March 1, 2016 By

Simon Thorpe At A Glance

President, Duvel Moortgat USA

Years in Brewing Industry: 15 years

Go-to beer from another brewery: anything by Russian River Brewing Co.

Beer that inspired him early in life: Duvel

Couldn’t live without: Duvel

Favorite place to have a beer: “Porch life …you sit on your porch on a summer evening and your neighbors walk by and stop in and have a beer …”

Wishes he could buy a round for: all the partners, spouses, family of the people who work for us

Biggest passion besides brewing: My two sons

Keeping him up at night: Making sure that we’re going to be here for the next 50 years and not just the next 5 years