All About Beer Magazine - Volume 34, Issue 4
September 1, 2013 By

By Gerard Walen

Did you ever feel a need to pull up your roots, buy an RV and travel across the country to taste beer from its many breweries?  Before you sign the papers to buy that motor home, here are some tips suggested by seasoned road warriors.

• If you aren’t retired, find a way to make income on the road.

• Reduce your stuff. Bring only what you need, and after a month, you’ll realize how much of that you don’t need.

• Be flexible. Things change quickly, and you’ll need to adapt.

• Keep track of places and breweries you’d like to explore using websites and apps.

• Have a partner you can stand
living with in a tiny space.

• Connect with other RVers who share your interests and passions via sites like

• Don’t be nervous about asking brewery owners if you can park overnight in their parking lot. Most don’t mind.

• If you can’t park at the brewery, allow plenty of time in your schedule to let your body process the beer out of your system before driving, or take turns being the designated driver.

• Be prepared to sometimes endure a tedious tour to get to a brewery’s tasting room.