Specialty Beers

A year ago, I mused about the proliferation of specialty beers (i.e. beers made with unusual fermentables or techniques) diluting

Wheat Beers

Wheat ales are different, generally lower in hoppiness and higher in frothiness. I know of many otherwise well-rounded beer aficionados,

Continental Ales

Continental ale styles in all of their myriad manifestations can be some of the most inspiring and inspired beers in

2010 British and North American Ales

I always enjoy the British and American Ale round of the World Beer Championships, because it’s great to see how

Stouts and Porters

When I ask people to tell me the difference between porters and stouts, even if they can do it, most

Specialty Beers

Every year during the World Beer Championships, we dedicate one session to specialty styles of beer that includes fruit-flavored beers,