There is a certain level of magic behind beer, in the fermentation alone. Those little yeasty cells are working hard to convert sugar to alcohol and CO2, but what else? Disco parties? 

Courtney Iseman, a Brookyn-based beer journalist, has recently published a zine: “Beer Tarot: Pulling Cards, Pouring Beer, & Discovering Self.” She suggests adding a little mysticism, a little magic to the consumption side of beer; through Tarot. 

In this episode of Beer Me, she explains that while the practice of Tarot has been around for centuries, it has become more popular in recent years. Tarot has risen since the pandemic, “not as much as sourdough” Iseman jokes. People seek more introspective moments and creative outlets, and tarot answers both needs. 

To be clear, tarot is less about predicting the future and more about setting an intention, for example, “getting a vibe for the day”, Iseman explains. (like bones or no bones, RIP Noodle). 

In her zine, Iseman dives into the history of Tarot and where it’s surfacing in beer. For example, EJ Nunns & Max Sherman at Trve Brewing in Denver have designed a custom tarot deck. (it’s stunning). 

What’s in the cards? Maybe they suggest you try a new beer or branch out. Or they might suggest to stick to your favorite. Check out this zine for more details!