After our last episode, talking beer and cheese pairings with Anne Becerra, we needed more cheese. As one does. And there are so many parallels between beer and cheese, both in the production and storytelling possibilities. 

This week we welcome to the show, Megan Vaughan, cheese expert and owner of Vaughan Cheese in North Beach, Maryland to discuss beer-washed cheese. Megan breaks down the cheese-making and aging process that involves washing cheese with beer and how that impacts the cheese during the aging as well as the final product. 

She also answers Sarah Jane’s burning cheese questions: 

– What is the cheddering process? 

– Is there cheese terroir? 

– Can you wash goat cheese? 

– Should you always eat the cheese rind? 

Magan also shares why it is so important to support American Artisan Cheesemakers, for many of the same reasons we support American Craft Brewers. 


The Culinary Institute of America, Eleven Madison Park, Jasper Hill Farms, Virtue Hard Cider, Chapel’s Country Creamery, 16 Mile Brewing Company, Firefly Farm