Once a darling of the craft beer scene, Black IPAs or Cascadian dark ales, can be difficult to find today. 

History shows that Greg Noonan brewed Blackwatch IPA at the Vermont Pub and Brewery in Burlington, VT in the 1990’s and the style would become part of the “IPAs of many colors movement” in the early 2010s. That time also saw interest in making and consuming white IPA and red IPAs. The success of Black IPA was short-lived and it fell to relative obscurity in the 2020’s.

While most breweries now are brewing hazy or west coast IPAs, some are giving the black IPA a chance. On this episode, Em Sauter and Don Tse talk to two breweries still brewing this style and their reasons why, as well as brewing approach, history, and thoughts about this almost forgotten style.


Paul Philipon was working a summer job while in college in 1987 when, at the end of his shift , his supervisor made the offhand comment that he had to get home to bottle his latest batch of homebrew.  Fireworks went off in his mind as he contemplated the idea that a person could make homemade beer at home!  He asked about it, and his supervisor said “sure, it’s easy; just go to the Summer Meadow Herb Shop, and Theresa will tell you what to do and sell you supplies.”  He did as his supervisor said, and he was hooked.  Fast forward several years to find Paul  in graduate school pursuing an unrelated academic career, when he  finally decided that he’d rather be brewing.  One thing led to another and he took my first full time brewing job in 1998 in Cincinnati OH.  Over the next few years he worked at two other breweries as well, until in 2004 he set out on his own by founding The Duck-Rabbit Brewery.  And here he is today, 20 years later!

Matt White opened Beachcrest Brewing Company with his wife Amy in December of 2018.  A former career musician and educator, Matt formed Beachcrest around a love of great beer, the beauty of the Oregon Coast, and great music.  He began his brewing story in Denver, starting as a home brewer, then working for small, local breweries and eventually taking a course with Tom Hennessy, author of multiple brewery operations books and owner of Colorado Boy Brewing in Montrose, CO. A lover of classic and modern styles, Matt’s approach to Beachcrest’s brewing lineup has been to both honor the traditional styles and dabble in experimentation.  Beachcrest has been fortunate to expand in its five-year-to-date history, from a three barrel nano, to a seven barrel pub brewery, and also add a wood-fired pizza kitchen and an even/concert space.  Matt is still active in the music community, playing in several ensembles, directing the local big band and getting in beach walks with his golden retriever all while being a one-man-beermaking-show in the Beachcrest Brewery. 

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