Stout Hearted Brewing

Stout Hearted Brewing

I remember when stout was synonymous with Guinness. When we talk stout now, it’s described by brand, ingredients or sub-style.

Abbey and Trappist Beer

There should always be a spot reserved in the cellar for abbey and Trappist beers. Though the brewers of these

Great Grains: Mash or Steep?

Friends often ask me to review their brewing recipes and strategies. With all-grain brewers, this usually amounts to minor tweaking


I have always had a particular fondness for the emphatic malt character, smoothness and underlying elegance of noble hops in

Extracting Greatness

Hobbyists thrive on rapport, with like minds sharing knowledge, triumph and struggle, reminiscing about wide-eyed beginnings and visions of the

Olde Stranger – Old Ale

Extract, 5 gallons, OG 1.070, 30 IBU Steep 4.0 oz chocolate malt, 8.0 oz 120º L crystal, and 1.0 lb

Oro Diablo – Strong Golden Ale

All-grain, 5 gallons, OG 1.075-1.080, 40 IBU Mash 13# Pilsner malt at 151º F for 1 hour Hop schedule: 2.0

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