Tasting Beer Under the Sea

Anyone who has ever been in a half-decent bookshop knows that the staff has a tendency to look like wine-drinkers.

Chocolate and Beer Revisited

Jack Joyce, CEO of Rogue Brewing down in Newport, OR, called me a while back to do a chocolate and

A Floating Brewery in Tokyo Bay

Earlier this year, while at the Chicago Real Ale Festival, I started thinking about the first time I tasted cask-conditioned

Gimme a Firkin Beer

Ray Daniels is the Chicago visionary responsible for the Chicago Real Ale Festival, held March 24-25 this year at Chicago’s


The young woman with whom I had dinner was envious. “You are spending the whole day with Sam Calagione. Tomorrow!?

A Beer Named Fred

Fred Eckhardt passed away on August 10, 2015. In remembrance of our friend and former columnist, we are putting some

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