Portland, Maine is another of America’s most overlooked beer scenes. Occasionally mistaken for the other beer powerhouse of the same name, the East Coast Portland plays host to a number of quintessential American craft breweries and an easily accessible beer scene that is perfect for a day trip or a longer stay. 

And today we have two great local guests to guide us on our journey. Carla Jean Lauter is a freelance beer writer based just outside of Portland. She has written columns and articles for a number of publications and her current gig is with local Beer & Weed Magazine. Carla is smart, funny, and plugged into Portland and the Maine beer scene. She’s opinionated and engaging and when she talks, folks in the know listen. Joining Carla today is Benjamin Moore. A freelance writer and photographer in Maine, Ben is best known as the activebeergeek on Instagram. His photos are striking and he captures the spirit of the beer scene in the state through his lens. 

We discuss the unlikely success of Allagash Brewing, and its even more improbable move into producing delightful IPAs. And we cover the wide range of great breweries and styles produced in this picturesque New England town.

We’re excited to jump into an exploration of the history and present day treasures of the Portland, Maine Beer scene on this episode of Beer Travelers

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