Meantime Helles, 4.4%

Honeyed lemon nose; crisp, full-bodied mouth feel with delicate lemony notes, dry grainy finish.

Freedom Pilsner, 5%

Fine bitter lemon and grainy toasted white bread nose; soft mellow citrus on the palate with a lingering bitter finish.

Cotswold Dark Lager, 5.5%

Dark gleaming amber; nose is a soothing confection of milk chocolate and toffee; milk chocolate, vanilla, mocha coffee on the palate; lasting dry finish.

West St. Mungo, 5%

Soft floral nose with undercurrent of caramel. Good body, dry bitter finish.

Leeds Brewery Leodis, 4.5%

As dark as treacle; resiny hop with wisps of smoke on nose; the palate is smoky, bitter and dry.

British breweries producing craft lager

Leeds Brewery, BrewDog, Freedom, Calvors, Colonsay, St. Austell, Cotswold, Meantime, West, Taddington, ZeroDegrees, Mitchell Krause, Hepworth, Rebellion, Wylam, Cains, Geltsdale, Pitfield, Dent.