Craft Keg in the United Kingdom

What’s in a name? Everything it seems when it comes to casks and kegs in Britain. In the last year

Craft Keg Tasting Notes

Fuller’s London Porter (5.4%)—the nose features a dusting of mocha coffee and chocolate sprinkles, while the deep-throated notes of creamy

God’s Home Brew

Starry, starry night. The light is low in Orval’s brew house, giving its trinity of copper-clad lauter tuns and kettle

Renaissance of British Craft Lager

Appearances can be deceptive. The place is an old stone barn amid a group of farm buildings on the edge

Five British Craft Lagers

Meantime Helles, 4.4% Honeyed lemon nose; crisp, full-bodied mouth feel with delicate lemony notes, dry grainy finish. Freedom Pilsner, 5%