Spring is almost here which means that plans will start to come back to life in the colder parts of the country.

Foraging has always been a part of beer and on this episode of Drink Beer, Think Beer you will hear from a Texas brewer who is making the most of what is growing around the brewery.

Trevor Nearburg is the founder of Beerburg Brewing in the Texas Hill Country.

After his brother started homebrewing, Nearburg got roped in and together they decided to quit their jobs and become brewers.

Both took jobs stacking cases and scrubbing floors at Real Ale Brewing, one of the 50 largest breweries in the US at the time and the second largest in Texas. They both quickly moved up, and after a year of working various jobs in the packaging hall Nearburg made a significant jump to become the Head Brewer of Uncle Billy’s, a local brewpub and his brother got into management at Real Ale.  

Trevor grew Uncle Billy’s from a 600 bbl/yr taproom into producing 3,000 bbl/yr and distributing all over Texas. He also helped open the latest iteration of the Celis Brewery. 

Eventually he became fascinated with brewing with local ingredients and wanted to create a brewery devoted to this and the idea for Beerburg slowly started forming.

The plans came together and he opened Beerburg in late January of 2020.

After a rough few years he is back to devoting time into wildcrafting beers with native ingredients and local yeast strains. 

You can hear his story on this episode of Drink Beer, Think Beer.

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