On this episode of Brewer to Brewer Cory King of Side Project Brewing interviews Henry Nguyen of Monkish Brewing. The two spend a lot of time discussing IPA, direct to consumer shipping, the nature of Belgian-style beers, and the evolution of today’s beer consumer.

Nguyen also talks about entering into distribution and the thoughts, worry, and long-term impacts it could have on the brewery.

“For us, we’re definitely moving beyond fun,” says Nguyen. And we’re trying to figure it out. We’ve been fighting for direct to consumer since the pandemic started. It’s been more and more of a challenge to maintain that. We have even cut back production a bit to have it makes sense.

Now we’re cutting back, and we’re looking at doing some distribution, because that has a place. We’re just trying to make sense of everything while staying sensitive to our perception as a brand. We’re just the stage of the business where we have to keep up with developments, like distribution or else we might lose relevancy. I can go back and forth about this so much, and it’s something that I try not to think about too much, because it just never ends and it spins in my mind way too much these days.”

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