One week after announcing it will close its cannery to the public, The Alchemist announced Tuesday it is close to finalizing plans on opening a new retail shop near the brewery in Waterbury, VT.

According to a post on the brewery’s blog, the decision to close the cannery to the public was prompted by traffic issues and public access concerns. Pending the confirmation of zoning and public access regulations, the larger space should offer adequate parking. The Alchemist—which focuses on brewing Heady Topper—hopes to have the new location open for business before Christmas.

Since closing last week, we believe we have found a new, larger space for our retail shop in Waterbury Center. The parking is adequate, traffic flow will be better and there is greater visibility for turning onto and off of Route 100. As soon as we confirm all zoning and public access regulations, we will begin working around the clock to get our new shop open as soon as possible.