(PRESS RELEASE) For the first time in its 150-year history, Siebel Institute of Technology has formulated a beer recipe for release as an “open source recipe” for professional brewers and homebrewers to recreate. The official name of the beer is “J.E. Siebel 1-Fifty Classic American Pilsner”, named for the legendary German immigrant who established this historic brewing institute in Chicago in 1872.

The Classic American Style Pilsner featured in this recipe dates to before Prohibition, and its roots are entwined within the roots of the school itself. Dr. J.E. Siebel was a pioneer in the evolution of the style, which uses malted barley, corn, and both domestic and imported hop varieties to create a smooth and easy-drinking lager beer. The recipe was selected after taste testing by almost 300 participants in blind tasting panels conducted at breweries in Chicago and at Siebel itself.

The full story behind the creation of the recipe is posted in the “News” section of the Siebel website at siebelinstitute.com, where viewers can also download a copy of the recipe in PDF form. “We hope to see “Siebel 1-Fifty” on tap at pubs and tasting rooms everywhere,” says John Hannafan, vice president and director of education of Siebel, “especially where they are brewed by any of the thousands of Siebel graduates around the world.”