What did you think of Start A Brewery Podcast Season I? In reflecting on the very first (23) episodes, Candace L. Moon & Laura Lodge, hosts of the podcast & Founders of Start A Brewery, ask that very question! They encourage listeners to share both their likes & their constructive suggestions for Season II. Episode 024 is a fun visit to different episodes in Season I, with shout outs, testimonials, storytelling, industry insight, and a look behind the scenes with these two never-ever podcasters who know an awful lot about beer.

Candace L. Moon is a San Diego-based attorney who has spent the last eleven years dedicating her law practice to the craft beer industry. She has worked with more than 450 craft breweries and craft breweries-in-planning nationwide, handling many different legal areas including alcoholic beverage law, contract review and trademark law. Candace is the co-author of Brew Law 101 – A Legal Guide to Opening a Brewery (CA version).

​The co-founder of the Big Beers, Belgians & Barleywines Festival, Laura Lodge has been engaged in the craft beer industry since 1997. She’s the Owner of Customized Craft Beer Programs, designing events, resort retail programs, and educational programs based on craft beer, and is also the author of Distribution Insight for the Craft Brewer.

​As veterans of the craft beer industry, both Moon and Lodge have taken on education roles within the industry over time, including formal higher education. Candace teaches brewing business courses classes at San Diego State University & UC San Diego, while Laura has been a regular guest at Metro State University Beer Industry Program classes in Denver, speaking about events and distribution.

​Likewise, both have been tapped to educate as featured speakers in their areas of expertise at numerous industry conferences, occasionally presenting together. Such conferences include the Craft Brewers Conference, the Craft Beverage Expo, the California Craft Brewers Conferences, the New England Brew Summit, the Rocky Mountain Brewing Symposium, the Mid America Beverage Exposition & Conference, the Craft Beer Professionals Conferences, NanoCon, and the Pink Boots 10th Anniversary Conference among others.

​Start A Brewery pulls together in a more formal way the networking connections and educational material that Moon & Lodge both have grown and championed for years in the beer industry.

The Craft Beer Attorney has long had an established Preferred Provider Network, built to offer all clients a full complement of knowledgeable, competent professionals for their start up and growing breweries. In addition, Candace has built informally & then more specifically a network of attorneys nationwide that are knowledgeable about craft beer and can refer each other when inquiries come in that are outside of their licensed jurisdiction or they simply don’t have the bandwidth to handle additional clients.

​Customized Craft Beer Programs has always emphasized education, whether it be facilitating education by industry leaders or Laura teaching herself. When developing craft beer programs at destination resorts, education took on the form of developing food and beer pairings with the staff, encouraging Cicerone Beer Server Certification, and offering opportunities for resort guests to taste and learn from staff and brewery personnel. Recruiting savvy professionals as educators to present at the Big Beers Festival, at the Rocky Mountain Brewers Symposium, for specialty Brewmasters Weekends at resorts, and for other events has long been a focus.

​Over the past five years, both Lodge and Moon have pooled industry connections to facilitate and participate, respectively, with the creation of the Craft Beer & Brewing New Brewery Accelerator Workshop. In addition, an informal group of industry professionals has gathered together at CBC and GABF for the past few years to be social with the additional outreach of inviting brewers with questions to come by for complimentary advice and referrals from the group. Nicknamed “The Resource Group”, this core group of friends provided insight, support, and the first educational contributions for the Start A Brewery website.