Bitter is an English specialty, and very much an English term, generally denoting the standard ale—the “session” beer—in an English brewer’s range. They are characterized by a fruitiness, light-to-medium body and an accent on hop aromas more than hop bitters. Colors range from golden to copper. Despite the name, they are not particularly bitter.

British and North American Styles

Each year, the first round of the World Beer Championships is reserved for British and North American ale styles. Following

Why a Beer Can Smell Bitter

Most discussions about hops naturally include bitterness. As well as hop oils, lupulin glands within the cone contain hard and

Bitter Ale

If one were asked to name the definitive American craft beer style, they would pick pale ale. Ask a Brit


I recently received an email from a past participant of the World Beer Championships. He was excited about his well-deserved

Bitter, Ordinary and Special

In British rock icon Pete Townsend’s song entitled “Misunderstood,” one line is “I wanna be misunderstood, I wanna be feared

Bitter: The Real Deal

The beer we know today as “bitter” has a long, low-profile history as the everyday drink of the common jamoke.