Sixpoint Brewery

National Icons and Local Pints

After college graduation, instead of backpacking through Europe or altruistically heading to the Third World with Peace Corps, I threw

The Great Beer Trademark Wars

Whether small or large, breweries consistently must address issues related to branding and protecting their intellectual property. It all begins

Roots Abroad, But America Calls

Peter Bouckaert, a native Belgian and brewmaster at New Belgium Brewing Co. Early last June of 2012, Brian Purcell, CEO

Resin Imperial IPA

Sixpoint Brewery Brooklyn, NY Resin is one of Sixpoint Brewery’s latest beers to be released for year-round canning, joining Sweet

Heather McReynolds

Heather McReynolds of Sixpoint Brewery (Editor’s Note: This is part of a series in which we scoured the country to