Pilsners have been enjoyed since their invention in Bohemia – now the Czech Republic – since their release in the fall of 1842. Since then, many iterations have been created and the pilsner has grown into one of the most beloved beer styles in the world. The beer continues to evolve and grow, with 21st century interpretations like the Italian pilsner to nods to the humble beginnings like using pitch lined wood barrels for aging. Pilsner is the Madonna of beer, constantly changing while always being authentically a star.

On this episode of the All About Beer Podcast Em Sauter and Don Tse talk with leading pilsner brewers about history and tradition, innovation and the future.


Luc Lafontaine’s brewing career spans 30 years across multiple continents, anchored by a decade-long stint at Dieu du Ciel Brewery in Montreal before venturing on his own to open Ushi Tora Brewery in Tochigi (Toe chee gee), Japan back in 2014. After years of travel and collaboration with some of the industry’s most celebrated brewers, Lafontaine moved back to Toronto, Canada to found Godspeed Brewery in 2017. Today, his “inspiration first” approach to brewing has refocused his attention on Czech brewing tradition, where, in partnership and consultation with the Czech government, he’s looking to break new ground for lager brewing in Canada. 

Tim Adams is the founder and owner of Maine-based Oxbow Brewing Co. Founded in 2011, Oxbow specializes in producing farmhouse ales and lagers and has retail locations in Newcastle, Portland and Oxford.  Adams is a passionate skier and fly fisherman and a YETI brand ambassador.  Tim enjoys work and adventure alongside his wife Birch and dog Koji.   

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