Recently, Rick Lyke invited me to join the board of directors for Pints for Prostates, a charity I’ve been fundraising for the past couple of years.  A yes came quite easily and our first board meeting was this Saturday in Charlotte.

You’ve got to love a board where the pre-meeting is scheduled in a place they feel will seem really special to this out of towner.  Expectations were exceeded at The Liberty, so much so, I heartily enjoin you to add it to your must visit list.  They nailed ambiance, beer list, food quality and staff knowledge/attitude in a rare restaurant home run.

While waiting for the rest of the crew, we hung around the bar for shrimp and Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, both came at the recommendation of the bar tender.  (Wait till you try the sauce!) Dinner was a similar dynamic interchange between waiter and guests with whole party amassing such a variety of dishes and tastes.  My mind still lingers on the two bowls of steamed muscles that started the whole banquet.

However, the treat came when I got the last of the Heavy Seas Siren Noire Imperial Chocolate Stout keg (an amazing piece of brewers art, by the way).  Owner, Matthew Pera, was visiting our table when this happened and asked me what I’d like to have instead.  As in, what is the next keg I would like to have tapped.  You’ve got to be kidding me!

And here’s the list Matt presented to me.

Allagash 4, Allagash Bourbon Barrel Black, Dogfish Red and White, Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot and Lefthand Fade to Black.

Are you kidding?  I went for long time favorite Allagash 4, which I’d never had on tap.  And every beer we had all night was in absolute perfect shape.  I’m scamming for another trip to the Queen City, and the Triangle, as soon as I can.