Welcome to the next chapter of All About Beer.

John Holl and Andy Crouch are pleased to announce our acquisition of the All About Beer brand, digital assets, and editorial archive. In 2019, we founded Beer Edge to bring fresh content and insight into the beer industry through the lens of our combined more than 40 years of experience in beer. We launched a website, hosted podcasts including Drink Beer, Think Beer and The Beer Edge, and more recently engaged with our partner ProBrewer to provide business coverage of the beer industry on its website.

We are proud to add All About Beer to our media network and excited to uphold its legacy as a critical voice covering beer’s history while reshaping its role in the present-day beer culture. Stewardship of this esteemed and much beloved media publication remains central in our minds while we’re also energized to put our stamp on it.

Michael Jackson’s first column in All About Beer Magazine was titled “The Thinking Drinker” and appeared in November of 1984.

The original All About Beer began as print magazine in 1979, and quickly gained a reputation as a strong and reliable source for news, information, reviews, and analysis on all facets of the beer industry. It covered significant moments in beer history such as the 1980 announcement of Sierra Nevada’s formation and featured early profiles of future industry leaders Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing. In 1992, Daniel Bradford and Julie Johnson purchased All About Beer magazine and expanded the company into popular beer events and the early internet, all while continuing its mission to cover trends and changes in the growing American craft beer industry.

During these years, All About Beer magazine remained an important stepping-stone in our own personal journeys from beer consumers to journalists covering the beer industry. A long-time subscriber and avid reader of the magazine, Andy graduated into a frequent contributor to its pages. In 2013, Bradford hired John to help guide the publication into the modern era of beer, where he served as Editor of the magazine until 2017. All About Beer holds a revered place in our hearts and minds as we know it does for many other beer lovers and professionals.

After Bradford and Johnson sold the company in 2014, unfortunately its next chapter marked the beginning of its end. After a period of financial instability, the magazine ceased publication, the company that owned it closed, and then filed for bankruptcy in 2019. The magazine’s closure was a great loss to the industry and to beer journalism, but it also left subscribers, vendors, and contributors unpaid and in the lurch. Many of our own friends and colleagues were negatively impacted by this, both in the loss of money and in the sour experience of how it came to pass.

That the long respected All About Beer magazine ended an impressive 40 year run under these disheartening circumstances was a true disappointment to us and many others. When we founded Beer Edge in 2019, we drew on our experiences with All About Beer and the role it had in developing our own education and careers to help define the vision for our new company. Meanwhile, All About Beer’s bankruptcy concluded and the company and magazine closed for good. Bradford and Johnson later regained control of the brand itself and the content archive. And in early 2022, they agreed to sell these individual assets to us.

John Holl and Andy Crouch are carrying on the legacy of All About Beer, which started in 1979. Illustration by Nolen Strals

We are excited to return the All About Beer archives, a vast trove of important beer journalism, to the Internet and overjoyed at the opportunity to bring the brand into a new future. We will always remain proper caretakers of the legacy and heritage of All About Beer, but we also cannot wait to shape it into something new.

We are dedicated to revitalizing All About Beer and bolstering its reputation as a trusted and cherished information source that brings engaging original content to your digital devices and opens the world of beer to every reader and listener. 

We are committed to providing the coverage that has long been the calling card of the brand, we plan to offer engaging and in-depth articles, interviews, and podcasts covering every aspect of brewing, from the process and ingredients to styles, trends, recipes, business, and the social pleasures of drinking.

We intend to continue its tradition of hosting the finest writers, reviewers, and journalists covering beer today, while also expanding the roster to include new, diverse voices, to help us bring these stories to you. We invite readers, breweries, and brewing industry businesses to help support writers, editors, photographers, and illustrators via our Patreon.

Beer has broad appeal and is more accessible than ever. Our coverage will reflect that. We will write about people, products, and places. We will offer breaking news coverage and insights and will not shy away from offering our opinions and analysis of our subjects. But our efforts will always be based in fact, investigation, research, and experience, with the aim of elevating your knowledge and appreciation for great beer.

We’re looking forward to developing a vibrant and engaging voice for the future of beer through allaboutbeer.com and on our social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

So welcome to the new All About Beer. We hope that you will come to this site often, tune into our podcasts, and engage with us on social media. We cannot wait to reconnect you with this great voice and to again bring you meaningful news and stories about our favorite drink and the colorful characters who brew it. 


John Holl and Andy Crouch

Editor Publisher

The Team

Andy Crouch, Publisher. When he is not busy defending his title as a Noted Twitter Villain, Crouch is an award-winning freelance writer whose thoughts on beer have been featured in USA TODAY, the Washington Post, and many other publications, podcasts, and media outlets, including National Public Radio’s The Splendid Table. A founding writer for BeerAdvocate Magazine, Crouch’s column, Unfiltered, appeared in more than 130 issues of the publication. He is the author of two books, Great American Craft Beer, published by Running Press, and The Good Beer Guide To New England, published by the University Press of New England. He is a devoted lager enthusiast and pilsener apologist. Contact him at andy@allaboutbeer.com.

John Holl, Editor. John has been covering the beer industry as a reporter and editor for nearly two decades. He previously worked as the Editor of All About Beer Magazine and other industry publications and his work has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. He is a contributing editor at Wine Enthusiast Magazine and is the author of several books, including The Craft Brewery Cookbook. On air he hosts Drink Beer, Think Beer, the BYO Nano Podcast, and co-hosts Steal This Beer. Contact him at johnholl@allaboutbeer.com.