The bright yellow cover and bold red title seem almost un-British, but the contents are pure Protz. In his latest of many excellent books on beer, British writer Roger Protz gives us an authoritative but highly personal life list of great brews. Each receives a concise half page of history, brewing details and Protz’ insightful tasting notes. The book is handsomely illustrated, with space on every page for the reader’s own tasting notes. The book’s owner is meant to take the title seriously!

Lists only succeed if the reader first finds a few familiar items: that places the stamp of credibility on the unfamiliar. The international scope of 300 Beers ensures that readers everywhere will be reassured to see favorites included (“Ah, I see Roger and I agree that Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is a classic.”), giving them the assurance to explore the other recommendations (“Well, if Roger Protz thinks Saison de Pipaix is a great wit, I’ll check it out.”). Armed with 300 Beers, a reader can look forward to years of exploration of the world of fine beer.