Miso Kale Caesar Salad

This recipe is adapted from The Craft Brewery Cookbook by John Holl (Princeton Architectural Press, 2022). Snörkel is the Jester

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Hilliard’s Beer Seattle, WA Refreshing and complex. The high fermentation temperature used with the Belgian yeast strain allows it to

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Fall always offers a chance to kickstart that homebrewing motor. We can take advantage of the cooler fermentation temperatures and



Saison beers are distinctive specialty beers from the Belgian province of Hainuat. These beers were originally brewed in the early spring for summer consumption, though contemporary Belgian saisons are brewed all year round with pale malts and are well dosed with English and Belgian hop varieties. Lively carbonation ensues from a secondary fermentation in the bottle. The color is classically golden orange and the flavors are refreshing with citrus and fruity hop notes. Sadly, these beers are under-appreciated in their home country and their production is limited to a small number of artisanal producers who keep this style alive. With a typically hoppy character, saisons are an esoteric style of beer that should appeal to any devotees of U.S. craft beers, if you can track them down. Occasionally, U.S. brewpubs will attempt a version.
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