All About Beer Magazine - Volume 37, Issue 2
April 16, 2016 By John Holl

Business for PunksBusiness for Punks: Break All The Rules—The BrewDog Way
By James Watt
$26, Penguin Portfolio

On Page 9, James Watt, the co-founder of Scottish brewery BrewDog, starts off by saying, “Be a selfish bastard and ignore advice.” Then, the self-proclaimed business book geek goes on offering insight, stories and, yes, advice gleaned from the almost 10 years his brewery has been in business and what he’s learned from being a global brand. The book features liberal use of extra-large fonts in places, along with quotes from “punks” in other industries, like music, poetry, literature and, yes, business. Those looking for recipes, tasting notes and general information about the beer won’t find them here. Watt is generally self-aware. By the time you make it back to Page 239, he reminds you that “earlier in the book I told you to ignore advice. That, by default, includes all the advice in this book.”


John Holl
John is the editor of All About Beer Magazine and the author of three books, including The American Craft Beer Cookbook. Find him on Twitter @John_Holl.