All About Beer Magazine - Volume 38, Issue 6
December 18, 2017 By

The Little Book of Craft Beer
By Melissa Cole
$14.99, Hardie Grant Books

“This is not a book for beer nerds.” Melissa Cole wastes no time getting that out of the way in the introduction of this new book. That clear, she proceeds—in a very casual and conversational tone—to walk the reader through the basics of beer’s ingredients, pairings and styles (with profiles of examples from all over the world). Each chapter ends with two recipes: one for a dish, and one for a beer cocktail. While it’s indeed not a book for beer nerds looking to glean something new, it is ideal for those looking to learn more about the basics of beer. And, thanks to Stuart Hardie’s fun, minimalist illustrations, it would also make a great coffee table book.–Daniel Hartis