All About Beer Magazine - Volume 34, Issue 3
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Pearl Street Brewery

La Crosse, WI

Pearl Street Brewery, which started in a basement with a seven-barrel subterranean brewhouse, is now a 30-barrel brewery. Rubber Mills Pils is hopped with whole-leaf Saaz hops.

ABV: 5

ABW: 3.92





Grassy, lemony hints of hops dance gracefully with a solid, sweet grain-and-honey note as this crystal-clear gold German-style pils pours out of the bottle. A spritzy white head recedes to the side of the glass, but never completely fades, helping to tickle the nose with bright aromas throughout the entire session. Clean notes of sweet grain hover quietly in the background as citrus and spice shine in this hop-forward version and are met with a faint sulfury yeast component that works quite well with the rest of the flavors. The dry, clean finish begs for another sip.
- Lisa Morrison
Another day, another pils. It really is hard to stand out from the crowd and deliver something different in this congested section of the market. But Pearl Street’s contribution certainly does not lack character. A little sherbety lemon and lime in the aroma, and more lemon alongside grassy, bitter herbs and a distinct floral note in the mouth. There’s plenty to get hold of. The big test, as ever, comes with the finish, and here the dryness, the bitter herbs and the tangy, lip-smacking hops ensure a very solid pass.
- Jeff Evans

Lisa Morrison
Lisa Morrison, aka The Beer Goddess, writes about beer whenever and wherever she can and also gets to talk about it on a weekly radio show in her hometown of Portland, OR.

Jeff Evans
Author of the Good Bottled Beer Guide and The Book of Beer Knowledge, Jeff Evans is an eight-time editor of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. More of his writing can be found at