Jessica Boak and Ray Bailey
Jessica Boak and Ray Bailey have been blogging at since 2007. They were named 2014 beer writers of the year by the British Guild of Beer Writers for Brew Britannia: the Strange Rebirth of British Beer. They live in Cornwall in the far west of the UK.

The Mystery of Old Chimneys

(Photo by Boak and Bailey) There is only one British beer in RateBeer’s top 50 chart—Old Chimneys Good King Henry

Tracing the History of Beer Geeks

  (Photo by Jon Page) People these days take beer too seriously, right? Caring about what you drink, talking about

Ring Your Mother Mild

Mild in the 21st Century

Mild ale, a quintessentially British beer style, has been in terminal decline since World War II. Now, despite a long-running

Lyceum Tavern

Recreating a Classic London Pub Crawl 

In his 1949 book about the pubs of London, Back to the Local, journalist Maurice Gorham wrote of “that epic