Beer Scribes Go Tailgating—3

“Beer Butt Chicken” never sounds very appetizing. But the concept—a whole chicken slow-roasted and permeated with beer from within—is very

Beer Scribes Go Tailgating-2

Yesterday, Finnish beer, wine and food writer Mikko Montonnen spoke with American-Finnish cookbook writer and Food Network chef Sara La

Beer Scribes Go Tailgating-1

Mikko Montonen is a former rock’n’roll correspondent, a certified beer judge, and an international writer on beer, wine and fine

Beer Scribes in the Kitchen

In my experience, really devoted beer people don’t love only beer. When beer geeks meet cork dorks, curd nurds, and

A Bitches Brew

There are people who feel at home referring to Miles Davis by his first name, but I am not one

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