In my experience, really devoted beer people don’t love only beer. When beer geeks meet cork dorks, curd nurds, and vocal locavores, they all find common ground in their passion for great taste. The best meals I’ve ever had—and, in fact, the loveliest wines I’ve ever drunk and the most delectable cheeses I’ve ever eaten—have been in the company of beer lovers. They revel in good flavors of all kinds.

Not all beer writers I know also cook, but those who do really know their way around a kitchen. So when we wanted to pull together an eclectic collection of cool recipes that use beer, I turned to fellow scribblers.

The blog name “Beer Soup” was never meant to be taken literally. This was my catch-all term for the place to put a whole bubbling stew of ideas. But, since the subject is food, why not put it here?

Over the course of a week, I’ll be posting a dinner’s worth of recipes (or an occasion’s worth or recipes), one dish a day. By the time the weekend arrives, you’ll have a menu of beer-based dishes to take to the kitchen. And since all these recipes have been contributed by writers who I call friends, I wanted to take this chance to introduce readers to the writers we’re so proud to have writing for All About Beer.

Welcome to the table.

Potato Leek Soup Recipe

Thanksgiving Goose Recipe

Cranbeer-y Relish Recipe

New Orleans Pecan Pie Recipe