Three for the Holidays

American Spiced Amber 5 gallons, OG 1.070 Steep 1# Caramunich®II, 0.5# Carapils®, 2 oz roasted barley Add 7# light DME

Holiday Brews

As the season turns, so does the weather, and of course, so do our beer preferences. For some, wintry brewery

Three to Try

Classic American Pilsner 5 gallons, OG 1.055 ½ # carapils 2.5 # yellow corn grits 5 # American 2-row malt

Modern Moonshine Techniques

Just as the grassroots brewpub concept began almost 30 years ago, the past few yearshave seen the microdistilling movement starting

Go With the Grain

Experimentation is much of the appeal of brewing, and methods of integrating alternative ingredients such as spices or assorted sugars

Oatmeal Chocolate Stout

All-grain five gallon recipe 1 pound flaked oats 8 pound pale ale or American two-row malt 0.5 pound cara.5munich II

Chocolate Syrup

(compliments of Dissolve 3 cups of sugar in 1½ cups of water, then whisk in 1½ cups dark Dutch-processed

Robust/Baltic Cocoa Porter

Five gallon recipe 7 pound light DME (9# pilsner malt for all-grain) 2 pound Munich or amber malt extract (3#

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