Win Bassett
Win Bassett Social Media & Beer Education Win blogged and tweeted himself into a job on the condition he put down his phone for a minute to enjoy his beer. When he’s not keeping up with the latest in beer news, you’ll find him running shirtless and in short shorts with run clubs at local breweries and recovering with the biggest hop bomb he can find. Oh, and he’s a lawyer.

Busy with Beer and Baguettes

Two non-beer-related pieces of journalism this week drew me back to the craft that consumes much of our headspace. Tim

Judging the Language of Beer

“Every statement is subjective, partial, full of biases and secret messages,” writes Ryan Bloom last week in his New Yorker column, “Inescapably,

A Beer In The Hand Is Worth…What?

Last Friday evening, I had what British beer writer and All About Beer Magazine contributor Pete Brown calls a “beer moment,”

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