business cards from beer boxes

Beer fans tend to drink a lot of different beers, and after a while they end up with a colorful stack of beer boxes and six-pack carriers. It’s too bad that these functional pieces of artwork and illustrations are destined for the landfill or at best the recycling facility.

An alternative to dumping them is to reuse the cardboard for other purposes. Here’s how to turn your recycling bin into a pile of unique up-cycled business cards.


Old beer boxes


X-acto knife /Scissors

RISO Print Gocco kit ($180 – $240 on eBay or Amazon)

RISO Print Gocco Ink


Step 1: Select your design and print it out in black and white.

Whatever is black will be where the ink will show.

You can fit 3 card images per screen so you don’t have to do one at a time.

Adding crop marks will make cutting them out a lot easier



Step 2: Create your screen

Line up your graphic on the screen

Load screen into Print Gocco

Load flash bulbs into exposing box

Press down hard causing the bulbs to flash and expose your screen

Your design will stick to the screen when done (do not remove the paper yet)





Step 3: Cut your desired beer boxes for print

You can use whatever boxes you want as long as they are flat and bigger than your screen.

Cut them to be slightly bigger than your screen.