The incessant clicking, whirring, and buzzing. All the drop dead beautiful women who smile at you and want to know how you’re doing. The hordes of glazed eyed wondering consumers. Welcome to Vegas, a place unto its own.
Every other year the National Beer Wholesalers Association holds a conference and trade show in Vegas. And everyone in the industry shows up to talk over whats been happening and how to move forward. What a gathering. What conversations.
The creation of two giant international breweries. The continued surge in craft breweries. The stagnation if not decline in imports. The emergance of huge chain retailers. The growth of giant wholesalers. And taxes, lots and lots of taxes.
But I have to tell you everyone is having fun.
Last night I bought over 20 Sierra Nevadas for friends at the hotel bar. There’s nothing better then hanging out with a bunch of guys you only get to see once in awhile.
It’s a great business filled with great people.