The beer industry will remember 2023 for a variety of reasons. Amid closures and shifting consumer tastes there were bright spots of innovation and ingredient discovery. All About Beer has been covering the beloved beverage since 1979 and this past year our reporters covered the business and style of brewing while offering analysis of the overall industry.

Here are some of our favorite articles from 2023 covering all aspects of what brewers and innovators brought to the world.

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For Breweries, The Time for TikTok is (Still) Now

It’s been dissected, disrespected, and dismissed, but TikTok is doing what no other social media has done—breaking craft beer out of its bubble. Article by Jerard Fagerberg.

Private Party: Is Celly Drippins’ Sierra Nevada’s Most Exclusive Beer?

Originally, this small batch IPA was only served at the annual brewer’s holiday party. Article by John Holl.

Raising Beer Money for Ukraine Because Putin is a Dick

Lakefront Brewery was one of the first American craft breweries to export to Ukraine. Article by Andrew Jungwirth.

Why Hop Water is Great for Breweries and Consumers

Hop water has been a topic of conversation lately amongst breweries and drinkers, but this hasn’t always been the case. It’s been a long road for the hopped seltzer being made at breweries, having first burst on the national scene about five years ago with the production of Lagunitas’ Hoppy Refresher, a sparkling non-alcoholic seltzer infused with hops sold in clear glass bottles reminiscent of old time soda. Now, many breweries have it as an option in their tasting rooms while others are packaging it for wide distribution. Article by Em Sauter.

The “Bitter” Debate about Hazy IPAs

Today’s hazy IPAs are evolving. Many breweries are taking the haze and pumping up the bitterness, dialing down the mouthfeel and making more bitter beers that stand out from the rest. It’s yet another evolution of the IPA style, forging ahead while showcasing the style’s regional variations. Article by Em Sauter.

Special No More: A Eulogy For Anchor’s Our Special Ale

Sold from early November to January, Our Special Ale (sometimes called Anchor Christmas Ale or OSA) is one of the country’s longest running seasonal beers. It has a hallowed place in the pantheon of American beer history. It is storied, celebrated, and beloved.  And now it is gone. Article by Andy Crouch.

IPA Truffles and Sour Ale Sneakers: The Best Beer Collaborations Don’t Always Come in a Can

Cynics might argue that the intersection of craft and capital is riddled with potholes, but brewers say these cross-industry collaborations are more about building community than selling one’s creativity and copyrighted logo to the highest bidder. Two things can be true at once. As craft beer has grown from a niche movement to a $115 billion industry, the roles it plays in art, commerce, and communities have changed. The question isn’t whether breweries should dip their toes in designer sunglasses or sneakers. It’s do these extracurricular projects pay off, and for whom? Article by Emily Saladino.

19.2-Ounce Beers Are on the Rise: The Skinny on the Taller Cans 

The tall cans are craft beer’s No. 1 dollar growth driver just ahead of 12-pack cans. Article by Courtney Iseman.

Barley Breeders Return to Flavor

If barley breeders have their way, beer lovers will soon be demanding beers based on barley variety as they currently do with hop varieties. Article by Don Tse.

Spotted Lanternfly Poses Risk to Plants, Including Hops

In certain locations in the northeastern part of the country a newly introduced invasive species is causing havoc on plant life, and researchers say the spotted lanternfly could pose a problem for hop bines. Article by John Holl.

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