Brewing Instructions

London Ale Recipe

Here’s a recipe, described as a “London Ale,” adapted from John Tuck’s 1822  Private Brewer’s Guide. 5 gallons at 1058

Is That an Orange in My Beer?

Of the myriad seasonings used in beers over the millennia, few have such a prized role as the orange. From

Almost Porter

The stereotype of Germany is that of a country with everything fitting into scrupulously neat compartments, thoroughly regulated, and suiting

Giant Ale of Cerne Abbas

5 gallons at 1109 OG, 48 IBU 8 pounds pale ale malt 1047 16 pounds amber malt (see text) 1062

Filling a 300-Year-Old Bottle

I recently had the pleasure of acquiring what was described to me as a “300 year-old beer bottle,” unearthed from

Two Sparkling Ales

Scottish Sparkling Ale 5 gallons at 1080, 50 IBU 11 pounds pale ale malt (English or Belgian preferred) 1 pound

A Sparkle in Your Ale

Today, with all our superior modern knowledge, we sometimes tend to view the present as pure, crystallized truth and the

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