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Meet the Educators

It takes a great deal of talent and energy to brew great beer. It also takes a unique set of

Beer Navigators

Beer is sold on draught, in bottles and in cans. It is also sold in books, magazines, at tastings and

Brewers of Tomorrow

You can argue about the exact start of the craft brewing movement. Some will say it was the day in

Beer Nomads

When most people think of traveling for beer they usually imagine heading to the local pub for a couple of

The Young and the Restless

American craft brewers are a famously congenial bunch. Even as they compete for your beer money, they help one another

Pops in the Brewhouse

After President Carter legalized homebrewing, some homebrewers during the Reagan era fashioned this idea of starting microbreweries. Some of the

Kids in the Brewhouse

Sierra Nevada’s newest year-round release—Torpedo Extra IPA, an India pale ale embellished by the brewery’s homemade hop-extractor, dubbed “the hop

Dad’s Favorite Beer

It was my own father who first exposed me to beer. At an early age, there was an after-dinner tradition

Remembering Michael Jackson

Pioneering beer writer Michael Jackson, the “Beer Hunter,” died at his home in London on August 30. Author of numerous

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