Fuller’s London Porter (5.4%)—the nose features a dusting of mocha coffee and chocolate sprinkles, while the deep-throated notes of creamy chocolate and cold coffee on the palate are kept in line by a firm but subtle bitterness.

Brewdog Punk IPA (5.6%)—a turbo blast of resins and grapefruit on the nose; prickly but pleasing carbonation and muscular grapefruit followed by a long dry finish.

Camden Pale Ale (5%)—sprightly and sparkling in the glass with a quenching bitter lemon note and an enticing bittersweet finish; a real handful of zesty notes.

Titanic Stout (4.5%)—a cool draft of dark malt aromas (toffee, a hint of tobacco box), while the palate delivers more toffee, creamy mocha and a flurry of roast grain notes at the end.

Meantime IPA (7.5%)—perfumed citrusy nose with the spritzy palate featuring a harmonious balance of Seville orange and spicy peppery hop underpinned by a stern, biscuity base.