91 Woodchuck Hard Cider-Raspberry, Woodchuck Cidery (VT). 4% ABV (9/10)
Pale silvery straw green color. Bold raspberry preserves aromas. Very crisp and frothy with a fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body. Long, pure and mouthwatering, wet stone-accented finish. Excellent fruit and balance.

91 Woodchuck Hard Cider-802, Woodchuck Cidery (VT). 5% ABV (9/10)
Deep golden amber color. Aromas of apple crème brûlée and crumble. Crisp and vibrant with a tangy, fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body. Long mouthwatering finish with nice minerality and food-friendly acidity.

90 Wyder’s Pear Cider, Wyder’s Cider Company (VT). 4% ABV (9/10)
Pale silvery straw color. Mild pear, melon and lychee aromas. Crisp and tangy with a dry-yet-fruity medium body. Long zesty pear skin and pear candy finish. Very tasty.

90 Perronelle’s Blush Cider, Aspall (England). 5.7% ABV (12/09)
Deep brilliant copper color with a blue violet cast. Aromas of yeasty bread dough, crushed apples and blackberry skin follow through on a round frothy entry to a dryish, tangy medium body with tart green apple flavors and blackberry nuances. Finishes with long refreshing, earthy apple leaf-accented fade. An excellent combination of flavors with a unique appeal.

90 Organic Cider, Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery (England). 5% ABV (1/10)
Attractive golden amber color. Vibrant, dimensional crushed apple and mild waxy honeycomb aromas follow through on a round entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with tart apple slice, lychee and light grassy earthy notes in support. Finishes with a long, vibrant and complex mélange of ripe and unripe apple and mineral-accented flavors. Brilliant.

90 Crisp Apple Cider, Hornsby’s (CA). 5.5% ABV (1/11)
Pale golden color. Intriguing spicy poached apple, apple jolly rancher and pistachio brittle aromas with a fruity sweet, medium body and a long, tangy peach marmalade and spicy apple tart finish. A clean, vivacious, very fruity crowd-pleasing cider.

89 Woodchuck Hard Cider Summer Limited Release, Woodchuck Cidery (VT). 5% ABV (9/10)
Very pale silvery blue green color. Bright fresh blueberry and compote aromas have beguiling medicinal and sassafras notes. Crisp and vibrant with dry-yet-fruity medium body. Very tangy and mouthwatering on the long mineral, blueberry and watermelon candy finish. Very tasty and different.

89 Cuvèe Chevallier Double Fermented Cyder, Aspall (England). 11% ABV (1/10)
Pure golden color. Heady, complex aromas of baked, grilled and brown apples have savory cheesy flinty, medicinal edges and follow through on a round entry to a dryish medium-full body with dense waves of apple cider vinegar, green pineapple and mossy earth notes. Finishes with a long, apple, mineral and hay fade with a touch of iodine. Very intriguing and food affined.

88 Crisp Cider, HardCore Cider Co. (MA). 5.5% ABV (1/10)
Deep old gold color. Mild raw applewood smoked bacon and golden raisin aromas. A vibrant entry leads to a tangy, fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body with tart and crunchy apple and delicate cinnamon sugar flavors. Finishes with a sweet juicy apple and dusty talc-accented fade.

87 Woodchuck Hard Cider-Winter Cider, Woodchuck Cidery (VT). 5% ABV (1/11)
Lustrous amber color. Creamy vanilla, apple tart and nougat aromas and flavors with a supple, lightly effervescent, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a touch of ginger and honeycomb on the crisp, dainty finish.

87 Woodchuck Hard Cider-Granny Smith, Woodchuck Cidery (VT). 5% ABV (9/10)
Very pale silvery straw color. Yeasty apple bread and apple phosphate aromas. Tart and crisp with a dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body. Zesty green apple skin and core notes on the drying finish. Solid and clean.

87 New England Traditional Cider, The Boston Beer Co. (MA). 5.6% ABV (1/10)
Bright old gold color with no head. Aromas of overripe muddy apples on the grass and wild yeast follow through on a fruity-sour light-to-medium body with tart, green and red apple flavors and a tart, earthy leafy finish. A very rustic traditionally-styled cider for cider-heads.

87 Hardcore Cider, The Boston Beer Co. (MA). 5.5% ABV (1/11)
Rich golden amber color. Bright baked apple and nut oil aromas with a crisp, fruity medium body and a sweet honeyed, green apple skin finish. A zesty, fruity, crowd-pleasing cider.

86 Wyder’s Raspberry Cider, Wyder’s Cider Company (VT). 4% ABV (9/10)
Pretty silver pink color. Aromas of raspberry sherbet and English lozenge. Crisp and frothy with a dry-yet-fruity medium body. Tart raspberry skin and seltzer water notes on the finish.

86 Woodpecker Premium Cider, Bulmers America (England). 4.2% ABV (9/10)
Pale silvery straw color. Aromas of creamy apple yogurt and caramel apple. Crisp and lively with a fruity medium body. Nice balance of sweet cream, grass and apple tart on the finish.

86 Woodchuck Hard Cider Fall Limited Release, Woodchuck Cidery (VT). 5% ABV (9/10)
Deep golden amber color. Attractive spicy eggnog and apple pie aromas and flavor with very good depth and lingering finish. A fun bit of confection.

86 Woodchuck Hard Cider-Pear, Woodchuck Cidery (VT). 4% ABV (9/10)
Intriguing pale silver emerald color. Perfumed poached pear aromas have a bold muscat grape and lychee character. Crisp and rounded with a dryish light-to-medium body. Note of violet gum, dusty pear and pear core and spring water carry through the finish.

86 Woodchuck Hard Cider-Amber, Woodchuck Cidery (VT). 5% ABV (9/10)
Pure golden color. Baked caramel apple aromas. Round and frothy with a dry-yet-fruity medium body. Tangy apple sauce-like finish.

86 Irish Cider, Magners (Ireland). 4.5% ABV (1/10)
Pretty rosy amber color. Slightly charred aromas of grilled apples have a flinty, charcoal cooked meat edge and follow through on a direct entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with baked apple tart and delicate spiced papaya notes. Finishes with a minerally, apple-bobbing, spa water fade. Interesting, try with BBQ.

84 Strongbow Cider, Bulmers America (England). 5% ABV (9/10)
Bright golden color. Aromas of apple custard and honey. Crisp and tangy with a fruity-yet-dry light-to-medium body. Tart apple skin and core and spa water finish. Nice, easy going and quenching.

84 Pear Cider, Original Sin Cidery (NY). 4.5% ABV (1/10)
Pale silvery straw color. Lightly perfumed aromas of pear and peach cocktail follow through on a round, foamy entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with sweet cream. Finishes with a fleeting, pear bobbing water, peach and pineapple yogurt fade.

84 Amber Draft Cider, Hornsby’s (CA). 6% ABV (1/11)
Rich golden amber color. Aromas of nougat and Fuji apple custard pastry with a fruity-yet-dry light-to-medium body and wispy, minerally, apple-phosphate finish.

82 Woodchuck Hard Cider-Private Reserve Pumpkin, Woodchuck Cidery (VT). 6.9% ABV (1/11)
Rich amber color. Candied apple, banana Starburst and pina colada Lifesaver aromas with a supple fruity sweet light-to-medium body and a fleeting apple-cherry soda finish. Cloying.

82 Cider Jack Hard Cider, American Hard Cider Company (VT). 6% ABV (1/10)
Bright golden straw color. Yeasty, poached egg aromas mask any apple character on the nose and follow through on a brisk entry to a dry light-to-medium body with faint apple spritzer and soda flavors in the background. Finishes with a wet mineral and apple stem-accented fade.

80 Cider, Harpoon Brewery (MA). 4.8% ABV (1/10)
Pale golden color. Bold cinnamon poached apple and apple-vanilla scented candle aromas have a holiday air to them and follow on a brisk entry to a somewhat thin and under-carbonated tart light body with a hint of rubber. Finishes with a quick, tart apple core and stem and talc-accented fade. A bit of a fleeting nosedive.