Last Week Jack’s Abby, the Massachusetts-based lager brewery announced that it would soon be releasing a collaboration with Weihenstephan, the venerable German brewery. 

It’s called Fest Of Both Worlds and it’s brewed with Pilsner and Munich malts along with Sterling and Adeena hops, and fermented with TUM 34/70, which Weihenstephan shared for this beer.

At nearly 1,000 years old Weihenstephan is a brewery of legend around the world and through a commitment to technical brewing and education has helped countless brewers and drinkers better understand beer. 

This collaboration with Jack’s Abby is only the third time Weihenstephan has collaborated with an American brewer. The beer will be available later this month in Massachusetts and New York. 

The guests on this episode of Drink Beer, Think Beer are Jack Hendler Co-Founder of Jack’s Abby and Matthias Ebner, the Global Brand Ambassador Weihenstephan. They are here to talk about the collaboration, and so much more.